If you believe, you are more than willing to uphold the values below and wish to grow with us, you are most welcome @WBM HealthScience. Email your CV at

  • Only dynamic, energetic, passionate and committed people with initiative make a healthy, progressive and successful customer friendly organisation.
  • Diversity is a cornerstone of Indian culture and so is @WBM HealthScience. An organisation promoted by professionals with the most diverse of backgrounds: be it experience, education, race, beliefs but all working towards one common goal to achieve success through “Customer Delight” is bound to achieve its objective. This combination of team in any organisation manifests to boundless energy, which percolates to all levels across the organization.
  • @WBM HealthScience, the energy levels, drive, initiative, commitment, and excitement are palpable. Self-confidence, energy & a will to do that comes from an impressive list of accomplishment, yet with an understanding of future challenges that lie ahead. Creating a world-class organisation starts with our first step of creating a world-class knowledge team of people.
  • @WBM HealthScience, there is always something more than just work i.e. the LIFE itself. In this world of deadlines, delivery and customer satisfaction, increased workload becomes inevitable, thus at times eroding the emotional as well as social quotient of the workforce. The people practice at WBM HealthScience is therefore focused towards attaining the equilibrium that is so paramount in nurturing a healthy work atmosphere for improved productivity.
  • @WBM HealthScience, every member is empowered and encouraged to innovate, contribute ideas and discover solutions. While the thrust remains on innovation and higher productivity, we understand that in today's ultra-competitive market, each success must fuel the next. We also understand that to become competitive and efficient, the collective skill set needs continuous enhancement and evolution. WBM HealthScience ensures that continuous learning and skill enhancement of our employees are given top priority.
  • @WBM HealthScience, we are an equal opportunity employer.
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