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Cellectis bioresearch France

As the genome-engineering experts, Cellectis bioresearch provides products and services those are based on engineered sequence-specific nucleases (Meganucleases and TALENs™) to modify DNA sequence of a target genome. These products and services allow the generation of stable and isogenic cell lines to target applications e.g. Gene Function; Drug Discovery’ Protein & MAb Production

Multispan Inc, USA

Multispan Inc., a biotech company focusing exclusively on drug discovery research targeting GPC Rs. Multispan has created the industry's largest collection of human GPC R clones and GPC R-expressing cell lines for HTS including the proprietary HExTM series of High Expression cell lines. Multispan also offers frozen cell and membrane preparation.

Moravek Biochemicals Inc, USA

Since 1975 Moravek Biochemicals has been engaged in the custom synthesis and catalog manufacture of radiolabeled, stable isotopically labeled 13C, 14C, 2H, 3H, 15N, 35S compounds and unlabeled compounds to support scientific research, providing compounds that are in demand but not available from other sources.

Rad Source Technologies, Inc, USA               

Since 1997 Rad Source Technologies has been the expert in providing renewable, non-isotope, ionizing radiation replacements for self-shielded gamma irradiators. Currently, there are over 300 renowned hospital, university, and pharmaceutical research institutions using Rad Source X-ray technology. As of January 1st, 2011 it is estimated that Rad Source X-ray equipment has displaced over 2,000,000 (2 million) curies of radioactive isotopes thus adding safety to Human life.

Chantest Corporation USA – The Ion Channel Experts

ChanTest’s mission is to serve the drug discovery and development needs of customers worldwide with high-value solutions for ion channel and GPCR biology. Since its inceptionin 1998, the CRO has tested compounds for more than 300 globalpharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and partners with them to speed thedrug development process for the release of better, safer drugs. ChanTest offers integrated ion channel and GPCR services (GLP and non-GLP) and reagents; the company’s library of validated ion channel cell lines, and nonclinical cardiac risk assessment service portfolio, is the most comprehensive commercially available today.

Reaction Biology Corp, USA

Reaction Biology Corp, USA. (“RBC”) is a premier service provider for drug profiling, screening and early-stage drug discovery. Its proprietary HotSpotTM technology for screening/profiling small molecules vs biological target assayable by radioisotope detection. For kinase and transferase enzymes in particular, such assays are the “gold standard”.

Indigo BioSciences Inc, USA

INDIGO BioSciences USA is dedicated to establishing itself as the premier provider of cellbased nuclear receptor reporter assay products. Its proprietary process, called CryoMite™, provides long-term cryo-preservation of cells for shipping and storage, providing users the convenience of readily available robust cell-based reporter assays for on-demand use.

BioStatus Ltd, UK

BioStatus Ltd UK is a biotechnology company, passionate about cell-based science and is pioneering, marketing and supporting novel technologies for fluorescence-based Cytometery, High Content Screening and immobilization of live motile cells and organisms (e.g. leishmania, trypanosomes, Zebrafish embryos etc.) for advanced microscopy.

Medicyte GmbH, Germany

Medicyte specialize in the controlled, scalable propagation and standardization of human primary cell products. Medicyte has developed unique and proprietary cell human primary cell products. Medicyte has developed unique and proprietary cell proliferation platforms that form the basis for novel cell-based research and drug development tools. Its proprietary technologies allow controlled proliferation beyond normal life span of primary cells without loss of their phenotypic or differentiation properties and without immortalization.

Precision Biosystems USA

Precision Biosystems is Massachusetts based company that provides instrumental solution to the difficult problem of laboratory automation. Precision Biosystems developer and manufacturer a BlotCycler, an automated western blot processor, based on patented fluid distribution technology. All steps after protein transfer to a membrane are fully automated:  shaking, blocking, hybridization, washing, and recycling of primary antibody. The introduction of BlotCycler set a new standard for performance for a wide range of tests and assays.

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